Silver Springs Floral abd Gift - Do not use delivery service

Albuquerque, New Mexico 0 comments
Not resolved

Have used them a number of times. My husband has purchased flowers numerous times.

Well all I can say is that they have ruined Valentines Day for me twice 2012 and 2013. The flowers never came both times

When my husband drove down there yesterday they gave him 2 roses (to try to make up for their mistake) they then told him they would be delivering my flowers first thing this morning. Much to my surprise at noon they had still not been delivered. I called to try to get the matter handled with the flower shop but they treated me like it was my fault that They had in their system sw and se for the directions

they just delivered flowers to me in december for my anniversary (so they had the correct one as they have delivered numerous times since 2009)

Sadly they have lost a great customer all over the way their customer service was toward me.

I love their arrangements but I cannot agree to allow them to continue to miss special holidays for me.

Very disappointed and frustrated customer.

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